Livelihood Program at Makapaya Relocation Site

Helping the IDPs or Internally Displaced People who survived Tropical Storm Sendong to get back on their feet is a very fulfilling endeavor.  It is good to see them make their very own version of a small fashion show displaying the finished products made from the linens and sewing machines donated to them.  We do not spoon feed them to survive.  Instead, we give them the tools and the necessary skills to stand on their own two feet and make success happen.

This makes us want to help them more.  However, they still have no electricity and running water after over 2 years since TS Sendong.   For those who want to help us help them, we are now preparing to bring solar power technology to them.  Please take note that as of now, they cannot afford this on their own.  The only way to give them electricity is to donate the system to them.  You will be surprised on what these positive and grateful people could produce out of your very generous help.

Many thanks to our partners in service, namely:
1. Diversey Philippines
2. Shangri-La Hotel Dubai
3. Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Singapore
4. Mr. Stefan Phang & Ms. Carol

For those who want to help, kindly email  Thank you!