Off-Grid Solar Power Installation at Macapaya Relocation Site Cagayande Oro City

Installed the off-grid solar power system today and gave the people of Macapaya Relocation Site the gift of Renewable, Clean and FREE Energy/Electricity. Now, 2 years after Sendong, they already have lights even at night so that they could extend their productive time wherein their children could also study properly, they can charge their cellphones, listen to the radio, watch tv, use electric fans, use sound system for their Holy Mass and other activities and many more.

This text message from one of the homeowners is so heart warming and makes me want to help them more. Their gratefulness attracts more things for them to be grateful about... Many thanks to my wife, Michelle, and my son, Dominic, for the support. Many thanks also to our partner in service Diversey Corporation, Singapore represented by my good friend, Stefan, for helping us make this project happen and to ABS-CBN for covering the activity. ☀️🎥🔌💡 

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Click HERE and HERE for more details and photos!


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