Game of the Generals

Game of the Generals is a board game invented by a Filipino inventor named Sofronio “Ronnie” Pasola, Jr. in the 1970s who holds the patent.  

It is an educational board game that you can learn and play in the short time of 20-30 minutes; yet, the game has limitless variations to challenge you for a lifetime.  It is designated for two (2) players and requires 100% skill.  The game engages your psychological prowess, sharpens your memory and deductive thinking as well as develop awareness for strategy and organization.  It is recommended for all ages.

The game simulates armies at war trying to outsmart and outmaneuver each other.  As in an actual warfare, the game allows one side only a sketchy view of the other side’s plan.  Certain strategies or tactics; however, allows both sides chances of securing a better idea of the other’s plans as the game progresses.

1111 Empire, Inc. headed by Mr. Elmer Francisco is the official global distributor of Game of the Generals game sets.  The company is accepting dealers within the Philippines and country distributors worldwide.

Currently, there are 3 official versions of the game sets namely: NGS, MPR and RTO. NGS is the high end version with a hard board and aluminum pieces with sticker labels that costs P2,250.00 per set, MPR is the standard version with a hard board and mark-proof plastic pieces with paper labels that costs P450.00 per set while RTO is the starter version with a rollable soft plastic board and mark-proof plastic pieces with paper labels that costs P240.00 per set.

NGS Game Set (High-End)

MPR Game Set (Standard)

RTO Game Set (Starter)

The company is setting-up clubs called regiments in every city/municipality in the world.  The objective of the clubs is to teach and train people of all ages who would love to learn the game or would like to compete in local, regional, national and later on international tournaments.

The February 8, 2015 open tournament dubbed as Game of the Generals - The Siege in cooperation with SM City - Cagayan de Oro,,  ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro, Business Week Mindanao, Mindanao Daily, Mindanao Star and Cagayan Times was a huge success. Click HERE for the Tournament Results and click HERE and HERE for more details and photos.

For more details about the Cagayan de Oro Tournaments, click HERE to visit our event page or contact Coach Noel Candelario at +63 (920) 9741164 or +63 (905) 8412748.

For more details about Game of the Generals, click HERE to visit our official Facebook Page.

For worldwide orders and inquiries, email


  1. Hi Sir...any idea where to buy electronic arbiter version?

  2. Is GG a sport or just a recreational board game?

  3. Magandang araw po Gng Elmer at sa lahat ng fans ng GG. Big fan po ako ng inyong naimbentong board game kaya po hangad kong lalong sumikat ang GG hindi lamang a bansa natin kundi maging sa international stage.

    To help GG reach a higher level of popularity, I've thought of creating a mobile app that will replace the need for a 3rd person acting as arbiter or referee. The app performs the role of the human arbiter and maintains full secrecy to enable both players to enjoy the game to its full potential.

    The app is free to download from the Google Playstore. Search for "Arbiter Game of the Generals". Sana po makatulong ito.

  4. Feel free to promote the app to buyers of your GG game boards. Pwede nyo na ngayon sabihin sa kanila na kahit dalawang tao lang pwede na maglaro nung game. Download lang nila yung app, may arbiter na sila.

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