#2020 -- I Passed the 2015 Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam

#2020 ☀️ Just saw my name... 

I LOVE Real Estate so I decided to learn more and took the Real Estate Broker's Licensure Exam.

Congratulations to my groupmates: Alex Rañises Pamatong, Appraiser Flomar Pantonial Candole, Dr. Mico Taglucop and Ayrton June Banaag Licong who all passed as well!

Thank you Consultant Pilar Torres-Banaag and all of my teachers at Ipree Realestateeducation.

Thank you PRC!

And of course, many thanks to my wife, Michelle Francisco, and my son, Dominic, for the all out support and LOVE. ❤️

Thank you God and Universe! 🙏🏻


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