People's Freedom Wall for President Duterte

Photo Credit: Friends of Rody Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte is not God, but he could grant many (not all) of our prayers. He is not a Genie but he could make many (not all) of our wishes come true. He is not a mind reader either, so it is best to let him know about our prayers and wishes.

But, keep in mind that he is also not a magician who could make things appear out of thin air. So, don't expect to get everything your way. President Duterte now has a mandate given to him by over 16million Filipinos. This gives him the power to make things happen when his predecessors just dreamed of or talked about them.

He is a man of action that needs no further proof. He is decisive but with compassion. He is not a politician but a public servant. He is also not a hero but an ordinary man with extraordinary achievements.

"I don't care if I burn in hell for as long as the people I serve live in paradise." -RRD

This is the People's Freedom Wall for President Duterte. We cannot force him to read all of your comments everyday while he runs a country but we will definitely do our best to let him read once in a while.

Feel FREE to write any constructive comments, suggestions and criticisms! But keep in mind before writing that complaining without suggesting a better alternative is called whining.


  1. Great idea!Congratulations President Duterte!

  2. Go Duterte! A Real Change is when we ourselves commit to change for good. " IF I CHANGE, EVERYTHING'S CHANGES!

  3. The 2016 elections satisfied our single desire to install a Unifying Leader- President-elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Federalism is badly needed for the sake of our country's peace and prosperity. With this, there should be massive information and education drive so that the public may know the advantages of Federalism as a form of government given the fact that corruption in government is systemic in nature beginning from the Office of the President down to lowest echelons.Forward MindaNOW!

  4. As I have been telling my friends the elections are over but not for the people. As the people should start doing our own share in order to help our President to meet the expectations of the nation.. the campaign promises which he can't do it alone. He need us people. Because without us he can't be called a leader. Because he if has none so no one will follow him. A good leader knows how to lead and also a good follower. Let's rally behind him as what we did during the campaign period. Masarap po ang mag lead kung alam mo na marami ang sumusunod sa iyo. God bless President Duterte. God bless the Filipinos. God bless the Philippines. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


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