Financial Planning Seminar at CEPALCO

Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company, Inc.
Thank you so much to my good friend, Cesar Cabualan - Senior Vice-President and Division Head for FASD of CEPALCO for inviting me as your guest speaker this afternoon.
Financial Planning is extremely important for all workers. An employee who is financially secured will perform at his/her best compared to someone who is having financial problems at home.
With this, we believe that it is very important for each and every Filipino to be knowledgable even just about the basics of financial planning as a financially literate population is a backbone of a strong economy.
As what Sir Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister during WWII) said, "He who fails to plan, plans to fail."


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  6. Truly amazing financial planning seminar it is. Thanks a lot for sharing details here. Anyways, for beginners, it is hard to get started because of lack of knowledge. Such informative seminars and professional consultants are of great help. I had consulted an expert planner and got his advice on buying Capital gain Bonds last month.

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