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Nepal, April 25th, 2015
Lisa was a young teacher on a humanitarian mission when an earthquake of 7.9 mms magnitude shook Nepal.
She was injured and trapped under the rubble of her house. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal in 70 years.
The AXA assistance teams immediately responded to this natural disaster. The entire AXA network was mobilized.
1. Regional crisis cell activated to identify and locate the victims.
2. Experienced medical and operations team sent on-site for local support.
3. Coordination of rescue missions with local authorities and organizations.
4. Regular communication with victims' relatives for up to date information on situation.
In the Philippines, AXA empowers our customers to overcome challenges and help them prepare for the unexpected.
At AXA, we believe that we all have what it takes to live a better life whatever that may be.
Believe in yourself and your goals, and count on us to help you overcome those difficulties and seize opportunities along the way.
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