Federalista, inspired by the First Philippine Political Party established in 1901 by Pedro Paterno and Trinidad Pardo de Tavera as the 1st Party President primarily to make the Philippines the 51st State of the United States of America. It was revived by Elmer Francisco as a Political Action Committee not to merely relive the former primary purpose of the party but to promote and propagate Federalism in the Philippines in order to have a more efficient and a more progressive nation in terms of Political, Social and Economic development. Federalism has many features that we could leverage from in order to make the poorest of the poor actually feel the progress that we are promising and the already prosperous could reach greater heights. PLATFORM I. POLITICAL 1. STRONG, JUST AND DEMOCRATIC FEDERAL GOVERNMENT -Voice out and defend your stand to the best of your abilities to bring out the best in everything but at the end of the day, respect the majority's decision; -Promote and propagate Federalism in the Philippines in order to have a more efficient and a more progressive nation in terms of Political, Social and Economic development. -Promote the shift to Parliamentary System which is a more responsive system for our country. 2. STRONG NATIONAL AND DOMESTIC SECURITY -Military Modernization and Professionalization to have a strong and self-reliant defense capability from external aggression; -Police Modernization & Professionalization to be able to maintain domestic or internal security. 3. STRONG BUT COOPERATIVE FOREIGN POLICY -Free, Independent and Strong Foreign Policy to defend our Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity; -Non-aggression and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states in order to promote peaceful coexistence among nations; -Strategic Diplomacy to advance our national interests and those of our friends, neighbors and allies in line with the principles of reciprocity and cooperation. 4. CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION -Actively engage in climate change mitigation programs or projects; -Undertake measures that would minimize the risks of natural calamities and allow nature to take its natural path; -Increase the readiness for natural and man made disasters; -Promote and incentivize the use of Electric Vehicles starting with public transportation to minimize smoke emission, use of fossil fuel, use of oil, noise, over speeding and everything related to it; -Minimize animal agriculture; -Promote efficient Solid Waste Management, recycling of non-biodegradable waste and proper disposal of toxic waste;
-Promote efficient use of Water and ensure food security; -Promote the use of Solar Power, Wind Power and other Renewable Energy; II. SOCIAL 1. EMPOWERMENT OF EVERY FILIPINO -Maximize personal development by conducting necessary seminars and orientations at barangay level; -Instill a sense of patriotism, a sense of national pride and unity among the citizens strongly committed to the principles and practices of universally accepted human values, social justice and sustainable development regardless of religion; -Provide better accessibility for persons with disabilities (PWD) and senior citizens. If it's accessible to PWDs and SCs, it's accessible to all.
2. UPGRADE THE FORMAL & TECHNICAL EDUCATION SYSTEM -Clean, renovate, expand and maintain existing classrooms and build new ones as necessary; -Leverage from the latest technologies in order to deliver quality education; -Improve the existing curriculum so that students may be amply prepared to the new challenges of our time; -Promote a pro-active and dynamic education; -Continuously develop the knowledge and skills base of our population especially the youth and marginalized; -Include financial literacy and investments in secondary education; 3. UPGRADE THE HEALTH CARE SERVICES -Promote Veganism or whole-food plant-based diet; -Clean, renovate, expand and maintain existing hospitals and health centers and build new ones as necessary; -Aggressively upgrade the facilities and equipment of public hospitals; -Assure the availability of medicines and laboratory supplies; -Hire more doctors especially those with specializations; -Hire more nurses and health care workers; III. ECONOMIC 1. STRONG AND GLOBALLY COMPETENT ECONOMY -Adaptation and development of industries indigenous to our country; -Responsibly cultivate rich raw materials, process them, saturate the domestic market and export the surplus; -Support and fund our local inventors and engineers; -Aggressively develop our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Capabilities; -Promote our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry; -Encourage local businesses to leverage from the technology of using online stores in order to tap the global market; -Actively promote the production of 100% Filipino Automotive Brands; -Strengthen the supply chain; 2. 100% EMPLOYMENT -Secure a complete database of skills of the population and match them with the jobs database; -Conduct multiple retraining and certificate programs in order to enhance the skills of the population; -Attract both domestic and foreign investors; 3. JUMPSTART AND PROMOTE MSME's -Promote entrepreneurship especially among the youth. 500,000 students graduate from College every year without jobs waiting for them. Why rely on looking for jobs alone when everyone could be entrepreneurs and provide jobs for others? -Existing public and private programs must be enhanced and additional programs shall be formulated to realize this endeavor and reach as many individuals as possible. Teach them, guide them then let them fly; -Make business registration processes easy; 4. UNDERTAKE MEASURES THAT ARE PRO DEVELOPMENT AND PRO BUSINESS -Pass laws that are business friendly in order to promote both domestic and foreign investments; -Liberalize our economy by removing provisions in our constitution that hinders foreign investments. Let's bring home our OFWs by brining home their employers; -Enhance the infrastructure in order to accommodate the development and industrialization; -Place necessary incentives and/or tax breaks for priority investments that provides multiple jobs; -Minimize the cost of doing business; -Amend the government procurement law to prioritize Philippine-made products and services and also to make the requirements less technical so that more Philippine-based companies could participate; -Promote national industrialization.


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