Where Are You Now?

Where are you now?
By: Elmer Francisco

In order to determine what direction you will take, you should know first where you currently stand. But let’s railroad our way through this and cut the crap. Let’s put a little twist, though. To make it easier for everyone, let’s divide ourselves into Four (4) categories with respect to the financial aspects of our lives but at the same time, let’s differentiate the common from the extraordinary.

“Think from out of the box and dare to be different.” - Elmer Francisco

If you think like everyone else, you will end up like everyone else. Cause and effect. That's the law of attraction. If you do things in a certain way, the results would also be certain if everything else remains constant. So here are the Four (4) categories as follows and the difference between being common and thinking from outside the box:


If you would choose to become an employee, you will receive a fixed amount of money monthly as your salary if everything else remains constant. Meaning, if you perform less than what is expected of you, you could get fired or if you perform over and above what is expected of you, you could get promoted, receive more benefits, incentives, allowances and possibly a salary increase. Now, surprise surprise, if you do what everyone else is doing, you will grow old working as an employee until the day you die. I am not saying that being an employee is bad because it serves a purpose.  But, I have a question for you. Do you think staying as an employee forever is good? Your answer is as good as mine.


If you choose to become self-employed, you will receive a certain amount of money monthly as your income as a small business owner or as a professional (lawyer, accountant, doctor, actor, singer, athlete, etc.). Unlike being an employee, your income would not be fixed. It could be higher, lower or even none but it’s entirely in your hands on how much you could potentially earn. The down side is that if you are a surgeon and you are not physically present, you will not earn because a nurse couldn’t perform a surgery for you. Same goes with other professions and small businesses. Now, if you do what every other self-employed people are doing, you will grow old and die as such. Do you think your children, who don’t have the same profession as you have, could inherit your profession? Do you think your children would have the same passion as yours in relation to your small business? Yes, it happens but very seldom. For crying out loud, let your children follow their own passions and support them in every way that you can!


If you choose to become a businessman, it would be like being self-employed but the difference is that even if you are not physically present for whatever reason you may have, you will still earn and you can infinitely replicate your business activities whenever and wherever you may see fit. However, being a successful businessman would not make you truly wealthy. Don’t get me wrong. You can amass a huge amount of money being a very successful businessman but how often do you spend time with your family? How many of your favorite books have you actually finished reading? Have you watched the latest blockbuster movie? Were you able to attend your child’s parent-teacher conference? Have you brought lately your kids to Disneyland or other exciting theme parks? When was the last time you played golf or your favorite sport? Have you ever seen the world and experience different cultures? Have you already had a romantic date with your wife in Paris? In short, no matter how much money you are earning as a very successful businessman, let's face it, you still work for money and not the other way around. Your time is borrowed and not yours. Here is where the saying “Time is Gold!” comes in. If you don’t own your time, you are not truly wealthy. End of discussion!


Whether you like it or not and whether you are aware or not, the main objective in the financial world is to be a very successful investor. It is the ultimate goal in the financial aspect of life. Here is where your money literally works for you and you will have all the time in the world for whatever you may want to do with it, not to mention, with lots of money to spend. Some people get intimidated with the word “investing” saying that it’s only for the rich. It’s a common misconception because of lack of knowledge about investing. Anyone who falls under any of the financial categories that I mentioned above can start investing anytime. Do you want to learn how? Just keep on reading and you will learn many things that you never learned in school.

Now, let’s go to a more exciting part. The million dollar question… In what category do you fall under?

Okay, okay… let’s not fool ourselves here. We all have to honestly answer this question, not for anybody else but for ourselves, if we truly want to achieve our goals here. I am not here to judge you but to help you achieve your dreams. Whatever it is, I can help you help yourself in one way or another. You don’t have to tell me about it but if you are willing to share it with me and you would like to ask specific questions, you may email me at admin@ElmerFrancisco.org or send a Whatsapp or Viber message at +63 (917) 3011199.

Keep this in mind, in contrary to popular beliefs, no matter what category you may fall under, believe me, you can still achieve your dreams starting NOW!

The next question is...

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You may have noticed that I am talking from a perspective of a man here. It is simply because I am a man and this is my story. In any case, I’m not discriminating against women here but, call me old-fashioned, it’s the man’s job to provide for his family. As what my favorite mob boss fictional character Don Vito Corleone said, “It makes no difference, it don’t make a difference to me what a man does for a living.” and “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” Even feminist activists would silently agree that it’s not bad at all to be taken cared of by their men sometimes if not all the time. But for our dear alpha female readers here, you will also love reading this. In short, everybody would benefit from my trail be it men, women, LGBT, old, young, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, PWDs, etc.


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